Friday, July 26, 2013

What to name the baby: Horse names revisited

Some of my most popular posts have been on the subject of naming horses -- who knew?

This is a shoutout to  breeders who IMHO give some great names to her baby horses or who have a notable system for naming. My first example is Tally Ruhle of Triad Farm Hanoverians. Tally's farm cleaned up at the 2013 regional Hanoverian foal inspections this year, with foals by her stallions Welfenkoenig and Black Tie and  foals by Pablo and Rubinero. 

Here is her wonderful filly, Porn Star by Pablo out of Calculated Risk by Corlando, at the 2013 Hanoverian inspection. Calculated Risk is in the Hanoverian jumper program (indicating exceptional jumping skill) and she was competed through Intermediare I. This is a special filly. In my dream barn she would have a place, along with a couple of other Triad horses...

In the Hanoverian world, babies are named with a name that corresponds to the first letter of the sire's name. For example, Riley is Delancey, who is by Delaurentis, who is by DeNiro. With that in mind...

Triad Farm knows how to name babies...
What can I say, the foal names are clever and edgy, and I love it.
  • The stallion Black Tie has produced colts named  Boot Cut, Button Fly, Booty Call, Bam Bam, Burlesque, Bell Bottom, Boy Toy, Barenaked Lady, and Bottoms Up.
  • Remember the Pablo filly Porn Star (above)? I admit that Porn Star is VERY edgy, especially for dressage where many have delicate sensibilities. Porn Star has full siblings with names I love: Panty Raider, Pistol Envy, and Puppeteer.
  • The stallion Welfenkoenig has babies named Wild Rumpass, Wham Bam, and With Love. He's relatively new but the breed inspectors love his offspring.

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  1. I'm sorry but I'd be really embarrassed to hear a show announcer say my name followed by "riding Porn Star."


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