Saturday, July 20, 2013

News with Bob and Riley

Bob and I went to the doctor in Philly Monday. The news is good! His bloodwork is better than average -- no change in his bloodwork (usually triglycerides go bonkers) and no change in thyroid yet, although the doctor says it's coming. Bob declared his skin was 50% better, I declared it was 90% better, and the doctor (ever the diplomat) declared him to be 75% better.

Bob has a skin growth on his head that appeared in February. It was biopsied this time around, and we should hear in a week. I consider this to be "small potatoes."

I rode Riley on Monday, a very "normal" experience except that after his boot camp, he is much hotter off the leg, which made him such an enjoyable ride! We're back in business, but for now the trainer is still doing the majority of the riding. I'd like to do first level one, at least, by the end of the  year. The canter work has improved so much already, it makes sense to leave him in training.


  1. Glad to read this good news, Stacey.

  2. I read your blog faithfully, but really have never commented. But, I do want to tell you that I am happy to you hear the good news with both Bob and Ri.

  3. Good news all around! Things are looking up and that makes life a lot more fun.

  4. Adding my "Three Cheers" to pinkbellepink!! Excellent news all around and yes, keep Ri with the trainer. ;o)


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