Sunday, August 25, 2013

How to hold the reins

Charles De Kunffy: Gentleman and Scholar
and my "most interesting man in the world"
"So, my trainers, don’t wear me out teaching someone how to hold the reins." Catherine Haddad, recent blog post.

How to hold the reins. Sounds pretty simple, yes? If someone asked me how to hold the reins, I'd show them the position and grip. But ask Charles De Kunffy how to hold the reins, well, I suspect you'd get what amounts to a chapter in a book, or more, on the wonderment and subtleties of reins, their use, the feel, etc. What does it mean to the horse? What amount of tension? What should it feel like?

Certain big name trainers have lamented that they have to teach how to hold the reins. Instead of lamenting your misfortune, here is a suggestion. If the question is boring, use the question as an opportunity to make the subject interesting! Talk to the rider's trainer, and their trainers, and the other auditors, and show them how to answer the question the right way. Help them understand the right feel, and how the way you hold the reins helps that to happen.

Make it a memorable, teachable moment!

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