Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mental toughness: Do you have it?

I apologize if you have seen this already -- it has been making the rounds on the net, and no wonder. This is one tough pair...


  1. Talk about focus and concentration...on part of both horse and rider. The horse was even more amazing, actually as I didn't really see any major disobedience...except perhaps for a moment in one canter pirouette...maybe. But it was so hard to tell with the quality of the picture so compromised by the downpour.

    Gotta hand to to them. Hope they both earned some extra points on the score for that ride!!

  2. I love their tenacity, not giving into the circumstances and completing their test.

  3. I think that is Just. Nuts... :-) The poor horse must have been like, "REALLY, Mom???"


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