Monday, September 2, 2013

Nicole Gaitan artwork: A giveaway!

 Nicole Gaitain at work (yes, she is pretty too).
Every once in awhile I am contacted by someone who wants me to feature their product, or their cause. Ninety-five percent of the time I politely decline. This is not one of those instances, and I'm pleased to share with you some art that I absolutely love by Nicole Gaitain. It's not an ad! No money changed hands.

See below for some examples of Nicole's work. I love the jewel-tones and "stained glass" effect. Any one of these would fit right into my house (albeit our home is pretty modestly decorated). 

Contest Ho!
Okay, so this isn't an ad but we did strike a bargain. Nicole agreed to sponsor a contest; if you want a chance to win a set of greeting cards from her "horse series" (shown below), all you have to do is share your favorite famous horse art or painting. One of mine is George Stubbs John and Sophia Musters at Colwick Hall.  What's yours? Respond via the blog or on Facebook.


  1. I love this, but haven't bought it yet:

    It would have it's own place on my wall!!!!

  2. Mine is a Stubbs as well - Whistlejacket. I've loved it since I was 13 - irritated my art teacher on a trip to the National Gallery. Apparently, horse portraits weren't serious 'art' enough.

  3. These are stunning with the elegant lines and the distinct colours. . . .

    As for a favourite famous piece of horse art, that'd be pretty much anything by Leonardo da Vinci including this one of a horse and rider:

  4. How beautiful! I love these! My favorite artwork featuring horses has always been Rosa Bonheur's Horse Fair. After loving it since childhood, seeing the painting in person was absolutely moving (Plus, Rosa Bonheur was an amazing lady!).

  5. Funny you should say G.Stubbs. I am currently looking at 2 right now. Hanging up on my wall. Although small they certainly capture the essence of the horse. The 2 I have here are "Mares and Foals under Oak Tree" and "The Melbourne and Milbanke Families". My Favorite is "Mares and Foals Under Oak Tree".

    My ultimate horse artist is anything by C. W. Anderson who did the artistry for the "Billy and Blaze" Series. When I read, and re-read the series I could feel the horses moving from the page.

  6. My favourite artwork is by Tony O'Connor. His subjects seem to come to life off the canvasses he paints them on. His work is beautiful!! Here is one of his paintings:

  7. What stunning artwork!
    My current favorite was done by a child (forgot name) and entered into the art exhibt at the local race track. It consisted of a series of prints of horseshoes with the following explanation "I was told that I needed to pay for all the mints that I get. Eating all the grass in the field and all the apples seem to me to be enough work to be rewarded with a few mints a day. (Well maybe I do eat more mints than the average horse.) I thought of a new career...painting!!!!"
    Otherwise, I love the horses depicted in the prehistoric cave art such as Lascaux--especially now that scientists think the paintings were designed by the artist to be animated by the flickering of torchlight.

  8. She has some really pretty pieces!

    My favorite famous painting is El Baño del Caballo by Joaquin Sorolla:

    On the less famous end, I am a big fan of Blue Horse by Matt Cusick:


  9. Well I responded on the holiday but I guess I failed to complete the comment process!

    I love this, and the other works in this vein by the artist:

  10. Uknown, I received it but may not have moderated it yet. I too love that artist.

  11. Love this art, just beautiful!

    I like Tadashi Nakayama's Blue Ema :) :) :)

  12. "The Horse Fair" by Rosa Bonheur. I have a print of it in my living room.

    By the by, I tried to post yesterday and just before I finished typing we had a power outage. Everything went off and I didn't get back up to speed until some time later. Then, I forgot to repost.

    Another favorite it "Black and White Beauties," aka "The Storm," "Two Spirited Horses." The print I have is signed by Le Roy. This print was hanging in my grandmother's living room and I always loved it. But another cousin got it when my Grandma died. I searched all over to find my own and now have it hanging just above my computer. Grant Woods painting, "The Threshers" or "Dinner for Threshers" actually has the print hanging on the wall in the dining room. By luck, I found, on eBay, a copy of both this print and a companion print with two other horses. More info on the print at:

  13. I have two favorites, both of which are hanging up (prints, of course!) in my home. The first is a Palomino stud/gelding by C.W. Anderson. He was in my childhood bedroom and now he's in my current bedroom, still in the same old green painted-by-my-mother frame. His conformation is just breathtaking and the execution perfect.

    The other is "Secretariat's Final Portrait," a photo taken by Tony Leonard. That's in my dining room.'s-Last-Portrait-Print.html
    My husband had it beautifully framed in gold and I never, ever get tired of his magnificent presence.

    This young lady's art is lovely! Very unique.

  14. My favorite is Napoleon Crossing the Alps ( because it's both horsey and historical. I also think it's fascinating learning about Napoleon's and the various horses he won through battles, etc. Love Nicole's art!

  15. One of my favorites is a Renaissance-period print of a groom holding the bridle of a horse from the National Gallery hanging in my son's violin teacher's bathroom. But try as I might, I canNOT locate the print anywhere online; I think it might be an enlarged detail of a larger work.

    Would love to win these notecards!

  16. Here is one of my absolute favorites:

    According to North Carolina artist, Patrick Wright, his goal is to create impressions that will remain long after he is gone. In these playful horse silhouettes, the distressed tonal background is layered with simple, yet powerful, sketched strokes to leave you with a feeling of boundless energy and freedom.

  17. Of course the first horse art to catch my eye was the Bev Doolittle "Pintos"!=W&ID=12815

  18. Her flow of lines are gorgeous!
    I always loved Stubb's "Laetitia, Lady Lade."
    Of course it's a beautiful painting, but I really love the totally composed, refined lady atop a rearing horse, like it's the total norm for her. "Jolly good ride, shall we have some tea?" I love that in the past, when women's rights were so limited, horses were a source of freedom and power. Any woman could be the queen of her world with her horse, a liberating companion.

  19. Am very glad to be introduced to Nicole Gaitan's art! I had no idea what my favourite horse art was so had to look...and look...and have concluded that for now it is these two! (unfortunately can't find the artist's name!!) and (okay...I haven't found the artist of this one yet, either)


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