Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Three days at Devon: jeans and belts

So the fashion at Devon had its highs and lows. There were quite a number of women and men in  jeans breeches -- a phenomenon that, try as I might, I can't join. I probably tried on 3-5 pairs, and the goofy back pockets look ridiculous -- they have to sit outside the full-seat patch and there is nothing more "widening" than pockets a mile apart on your backside. Really I want a full-seat with a moderate (not high-waister) rise and NO pockets, for under $100 -- I mean, they're jeans. Romfh has a pair but they are over $150.

Okay, maybe a belt...
My favorite fashion item was a a belt that I saw on one of the CDI riders.  A woman (pictured above, right) sported a belt that I fell in love with--vintage bling, what's not to love?

I found it in the Horse of Course tack shop on the show grounds. I thought it was odd that all of the belts of this type were behind the cash register.  Turns out it is in a monitored area for good reason -- it's $460. By Otto Schumacher, the Liberace of the dressage world, here are some of his nice but pricey belts  online.


  1. I love the "snowbunny" side of dressage--those who have all the fancy "stuff" but most probably cannot ride a LICK. And I DO agree about those jeans breeches. Dressage Today had a series of "updated dressage fashions" several years back and it was a waste of space as far as I am concerned. There is nothing wrong with tradition. If you want to "bling it up a bit," wear psychedelic underwear, y'know? A judge I scribed for commented that the bling on browbands and helmets can be very distracting even with a horse that is "smooth and steady" and a rider who is the same. I DO love the belt, though--and would love to have a pair of brown DeNiro custom boots ... Some of the items pictures in the October USDF Connection magazine are quite nice. However, if I had an extra $1200+ to spend, I doubt it would be on brown tall boots.

  2. The day I buy a $460 belt is the day Totilas comes to live in my backyard. ;-)

    Seriously, it is a pretty belt but that is really over the top. I guess some people just have nothing else to do with their money! I hope you find an affordable pair of jeans breeches. I noticed the Dover catalog was full of them. I must remark, though, that you scarcely have anything to worry about when it comes to making your backside look larger... I say, buy what you want and don't worry about the pockets! :-)


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