Thursday, October 17, 2013

Throughbred West End and Aelin Hill

The Chronicle of the Horse has been pretty active in promoting throughbreds - yet another reason to subscribe! And they just did a feature article on the only thoroughbred in the Medal Finals, West End. The rider Aelin Hill qualified on her thoroughbred, and there was talk about finding her a more competitive equitation horse for the finals. In the end she chose to stay with her partner, feeling he would take care of her. I love their round because it showed that indeed West End did his job beautifully, coming out of a sticky fence unflustered to pilot around the remainder of the course easily. He is a cutie, and she is a lovely rider. While they were not in the ribbons, the picture was quite nice, especially for the first trip to the finals.


  1. Nice spirit! Is it me of does he have a very round barrel?

  2. I love this. She used to ride at our barn, and was always a very considerate rider, both on and off the horse. It makes me happy that she's stayed the same beautiful person. :)


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