Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Aheadofthebest, CANTER PA success story!

Aheadofthebest and Elizabeth Callahan
CANTER PA is holding a contest for the best Thanksgiving Success Story, and this mare, Aheadofthebest, was my pick based on the photo to the right. This mare went to the Hilltop Farm mare inspection and performance test, and she kicked butt. To the right is a photo of her during the test, ridden by Elizabeth Callahan.

Here is what the American Hanoverian Society said in their inspection report:

"Elizabeth Callahan presented the lovely Thoroughbred mare Aheadofthebest for both Studbook inspection and for the Mare Performance Test. The mare is an excellent Thoroughbred type with wonderful rideability. She scored a 7.5 for her studbook inspection and a 7.22 on her MPT, including an 8 for rideability."

And I found the video of her inspection too...


  1. Gorgeous--and what a story! Thanks for blogging this.

  2. She is just INCREDIBLE. Anything out of her will have to be gorgeous... the Hano Book should be glad to have her.


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