Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Beta Biothane halters: A big thumbs up!

True color, halter and lead rope
I have a word to say about turnout halters and a recommendation for you: Two Horse Tack for biothane halters, bridles, reins, breastplates, harnesses, and more. Skip to the bottom to view the many kinds of custom halters that are available...

The problem with leather
Let's face it, leather halters do not stand up that well to turnout, and they're a pain to clean. And if your horse likes to play halter-tag, it can get expensive to constantly replace them.

Where is the beta biothane?
It's surprisingly hard to find a halter that has the look of leather  that is safe and easy-care. There is a big name company that makes them, but only in two sizes, and without a safety mechanism for when your horse gets caught up.

Biothane: A great alternative to leather!
Here is a shoutout to Two Horse Tack for their biothane tack -- especially their biothane halters.  Two Horse Tack does custom biothane horse equipment -- reins, bridles, you-name-it. Their halters with a wide array of sizes, colors, styles, and hardware, as you can see from their order page. Beta biothane is easy care. See care instructions.

Photo is a little over
I am astonished that a product that is so reasonably priced offers so many customizations. Some customizations I particularly like are:
  • Range of sizes--from mini to draft (or custom)
  • Colors--12 solid colors, 13 overlay colors & 13 rhinstone colors
  • Hardware--stainless steel or brass (no rust)
  • Type of noseband--solid or adjustable chin. 
  • Safety leather crown 
  • Selection--English, western, Austalian, Trail, bitless bridles, and more.
I provided measurements for a perfect fit. Naturally Ri got a brown and ORANGE halter and the lead rope. The pricing is outstanding IMHO and the quality is wonderful. This halter will last a long time, looks great, and I can just hose it off. See the photos of Riley! Note that one of the photos is a tad washed out, the closeups show the true color... See below for more photos and styles...

Photo is washed out. See above for actual color. 
Two Horse Tack
(859)- 338- 4265
Check out their blog too


  1. I love these halters! I will probably buy one after Christmas (just in case someone sees it on my Christmas list LOL)

  2. This was extremely interesting! I just perused the Two Horse Tack website and learned a whole lot I didn't know about biothane. I had no idea it was that durable, or looked and felt that much like leather, or was more comfortable for the horse. No wonder people swear by the stuff for driving harnesses! I think I had noticed Riley's halter in photos but didn't realize it was biothane. I'm truly impressed.

    Nice bonus that the co. is located right here in the good 'ole USA, I'm certainly a fan of that!

  3. WOW! Thank you, I've been looking at biothane tack for my drill team, so far this site has the best prices I've found! even better than the nylon tack we found!


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