Friday, November 15, 2013

Dad update

My dad with his dad, circa 1978
I'm pleased to report that in this moment, dad is doing really well. He is eating (thanks to Bob Evans, Cracker Barrel, the Red Lobster rolls, and Frozen Custard's shakes!). He is walking with some assistance. His spirits are good. He is making friends with residents. And the nurses love him.

He does have some blood issues -- he had to have a transfusion today. But I guess with his condition (multiple myeloma) it's to be expected.

It's funny, I always thought mom would be the flexible one who could adapt, and dad would languish when the inevitable aging process requires a life change. In fact it is the opposite. Dad is thriving in the nursing home, and mom is really struggling alone in the house. Her Alzheimers is not helping, but... Somehow it is worse  for mom.


  1. so glad to hear that he is getting better! has he ever tried a skandi shake? There a protein shake that you drink so if you don't feel up to eating you don't have to you just drink it. I had them when I couldn't eat food. they come in all different flavours as well :)

  2. It would be nice if your Mom and Dad could be together in a full or part care facility. Your Dad could have the benefit of the company and stimulation of all the activity, and he'd have your Mom too.

    Meantime, glad to hear he's doing so well. It takes a lot of the stress off you too.

    Sending more good thoughts.

  3. Knee mails continue for your Mom and Dad from our corner of the world.


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