Saturday, November 2, 2013

HKM Breeches: Flamboyant!

HKM breeches -- I don't think I've heard of them but they have unusual styles -- I love the snakeskin...


  1. I need to lose about 20# but wouldn't mind having the flowered ones or the snakeskin ones ;o) A bit of "pizazz" without going over the top. Subtle is my middle name :o)

  2. EEEEEKKKK!!!! Oh my GOSH! I LOVE them! Doing a google search now and adding to my Christmas wish list!!!!

  3. I was introduced to HKM about a year ago via their polo wraps. They actually have short cannon horse polo wraps, longer than pony, shorter than horse and made from an easy to wrap thinner fleece than American polos. And their browbands? To die for! I'm no where near thin enough for their breeches... Although I like those pink ones!


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