Monday, November 4, 2013

Riley clinic: The experts speak

Riley was in a clinic a few weeks ago -- first ridden by the clinician, and then by my trainer. I rode him in another session, and have ridden under this clinician in the past. He offers some insights on where Riley is with his training and what he needs. Here is Ri after the clinician "tuned him up" and before my trainer's ride. I think the commentary at the beginning is a hoot.


  1. Wow he looks nice, he's really starting to look like a grown up horse! Lovely!

  2. He's so lovely! I have no volume on my (work) computer, so I couldn't hear the commentary :(

  3. Well, you just have to rile him up, otherwise he'll just do it with his great temperament. (Or words to that effect.)
    You are right, it is a hoot! Now see, you should have been pleased when Riley ran off with you. It was exactly what you should have wanted! *LOL*


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