Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dad getting bounced from Rehab (good news, bad news)

The rehab therapists feel that dad is no longer benefitting significantly from their services -- they are ready to stop his rehab, which means a) no more Medicare and b) we have to decide what's next for him in terms of living arrangements. We've filed an appeal to this decision, in part because one therapist does not agree, but also because we need time to figure out what to do. Home seems to dangerous, especially since he is constantly fighting the nurses to do things that are risky. But staying in the nursing home will be a tough sell.  Wish us luck, and in the meantime, enjoy this bit of "dad history." He was a talented athlete...

Mort Kimmel History!
Dad's High School Web site shares a bit of basketball history -- The Ladoga Canners:
 "The team of 1952-53 had the best record of Jack Hester's career with a 20-3 mark. Mort Kimmel shown in the middle scored 300 points his junior year and posted 514 for his career. Gerald (Red) Hart (on the far right) scored 510 for his 3 year career. Harley Barnard on the left was the playmaker, Fred Brennan (second from left) was the defensive star and Wally Lewellyn (second from right) was the all-purpose star. He could score, rebound and play defense."  
Dad is in the middle
Dad is third from the right...

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  1. I keep thinking that for someone who was a real athlete, being limited in what he can do must be even more frustrating.

    Wish you luck with your Dad. US healthcare still has a lot of issues to sort out, and this kind of situation is exactly the kind of thing that needs fixing.


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