Monday, December 2, 2013

Ebay IV: You picked the wrong rec room!

For background and updates, see parts I, II, and III, and V for the whole Ebay Chronicles...

Well folks, I'm just not gonna let this go. The buyers "won" their claim and returned my saddle. They said that there were slits above the stirrup bar which was the focus of their documentation,  and the discussion surrounded whether the slits were defects or part of the saddle design. In their original claim, though, they also said the seat was defective without saying how it was defective. I was ready to see weirdness beneath the saddle flaps, but SURPRISE!

The real damage was on the seat.

The day I received the saddle (tonight, 12/2) I filed an appeal. Amazingly, I still had all of the Ebay posting photos on my camera (I only used twelve of the twenty-five or so I took in the listing), and I had a great shot of the seat dated 8/25/13.  Compare the original condition to the condition it is in now, 12/2/13. They had from 10/21 to 11/27 to inflict the damage, but still I'm impressed. I'm not sure how this seat damage could have happened.

My appeal was closed in an hour, in the buyer's favor.

Paypal has a list of rules a mile long for appeals. They don't accept photos, and they don't accept appeals on damage that the buyer has identified. Small claims, here I come. I may not win this but I'm going to grind this into a fine dust while trying.

My saddle, Ebay posting photo taken 8/25/13

Saddle returned to me 12/2/13
So, I used the phrase "picked the wrong rec room," meaning I will take every available measure to appeal. Did anyone here see Tremors? The rec room scene has one of my favorite lines...


  1. Gosh, I'm so sorry you have to deal with this mess. I hope eBay/PayPal recognize the business they're losing to keep one buyer happy. Based on your experience, I'll never sell with them again.

  2. Same here. Had a crazy buyer flip out and make false claims on something that I sold on Ebay, I had documentation, pictures, paper trail, etc. Didn't matter. Ebay and Paypal refunded her money, PLUS let her rant and rave all over my Ebay ratings page with no way to refute her crazed drivel. First time I had EVER had any negative feedback. She also went the no communication route.

    Last time I sold anything on Ebay.

  3. Wow. It looks like they got the seat really wet for the leather to wrinkle that way.

    Not doing business with Ebay any longer. If I can't find it elsewhere, I don't need it. Good luck with small claims. Where did the buyer live? Because you need to file in their jurisdiction, I believe, based on my business law class. You might check.

  4. You should try selling on amazon. I bought a headband for my wedding. I brought it to two salons that said this is way too heavy to be used as a headband unless you don't plan on moving your head all day. I tried to return it and the seller denied the request because it had been longer than two weeks. I appealed with the implication that the item was described as a headband, but there was no way it could be used as that. Amazon has sided with the seller because the piece wasn't damaged. Finally after multiple appeals the seller has agreed to take it back, but their policy has a bunch of mumbo jumbo about a restocking fee and all these other fees so I will likely hardly get any of my money back not to mention the shipping I had to pay to return it. I bet they can't wait to get their review on amazon. I'm still waiting for the return to go through.

  5. I will not use paypal Ebay I had an incident and the guy never gave me what I paid for and now refuses to talk to me and Ebay did nothing because after 3 months it falls out of their system. never ever again will I use Ebay... I am surprised they did anything.

  6. Gah! I'm horrified with this. I will never sell anything valuable on Ebay again, this is way too scary and risky! I wish you all the best of luck on your pursuit!

    Your saddle looks like it had something extremely heavy resting on one side while it was wet, what odd damage.

  7. Crummy. That's the only way to describe this situation. People have no ethics. I've been on the other side and bought saddles with undisclosed defects. Like deep cracks in the seat, etc. But I honored the whole "as-is, no return" policy when I probably could have asked for a return because I knew the deal going in that it was buyer beware. That is so shady that they ruined your saddle and are now asking for a refund. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this.

  8. You go girl!! Love the movie clip!!

  9. I removed Paypal as a payment option in my Etsy shop! I also removed all my valuable work from Ebay. When they alienate enough sellers, there will be no one left on Ebay!

  10. Please continue to document this! While I am of course sorry that you are dealing with such ridiculousness, I must admit I am fascinated with this scenario. I can't remember the last time I used Ebay or Paypal, so I haven't given much thought to the laws and rights associated with online commerce, but I am very intrigued to see how this plays out in small claims.

    Also, what was the deal with the "slits"?

  11. Are you sure it's the same saddle???

    I hope you do not have to file the small claims in the state where they live.

    Can you take the saddle price as a loss on your business taxes?

    Sorry that you have to deal with this crap.

    Good luck ! Do keep up posted.

  12. BOO!

    Make sure you get the tree checked -- wrinkles in the seat like that CAN mean a broken tree.

    This seriously sucks. Best of luck to you and keep us posted!

  13. I agree, it looks like they got the saddle wet for that to happen. "Oh, well lookie here, we went and messed this up. Guess we'll just send it back!" >;-/

    I reported this whole mess to my husband who USED to frequently sell things on Ebay. He was not surprised in the very least, unfortunately. He personally hasn't lost a lot of money but has several friends who have been royally screwed. Nowadays he pretty much sticks to Craigs List!

  14. Looks like the tree is broken?!... that just sucks.
    Best wishes fighting the good fight Stacy!!!

  15. Thank you for this due diligence! It's not easy !

  16. I am very sorry that you have been subjected to someone else's ignorance and rudeness to this degree - shameful! I was JUST making a list of items I want to sell and was going to start listing them on ebay early next year - NOT ANYMORE, nor will I use paypal thru another channel. I have friend who intends to sell a saddle on Ebay - my next action is to forward this blog to her. I am sorry you are going thru this but sincerely thank you for sharing it with us - we are now forewarned! Water finds its own level - these folks will reap what they have sown - too bad that they crossed paths with you : (


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