Saturday, December 21, 2013

Harv's holiday schedule

With Bob having snow tires and working second shift, I sometimes ask him to go visit Harv to check on him, offer treats, and hand walk. Many husbands would balk at this, but Bob does not seem to mind. We can have fun with it.

The other day he called me on his way down to see Harv -- he left voice mail on my work phone...

"So I'm on 309 at the stop light in Coopersburg, on the way to see the Vinkmeister. I hope I get in to see him today. Last time I was turned away..."

And a few moments later, he calls again, and I answer.

Bob: "I'm here at the barn, but his stall is empty. I can't be sure, but I passed a limo. You don't suppose..."

Me: "You know, during the holidays  he has been known to go into the city to shop."

Bob: "Oh, Yeah. Remember last time he ran up that big tab at Herm├Ęs. Anyway I left the apples in his feed tub..."

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