Thursday, December 12, 2013

Horses and heat!

Centaur "Honey Badger" plaid turnout blanket
I could have sworn I blogged this already, but I can't find the post, and it's the time of year to feature my favorite obsession -- blanketing. Have you read the Equus Magazine article on What Horses Want? There was a study done on numerous horsey preferences, and they learned that -- shocker! -- horses do get cold, and they don't like it!

Researchers trained horses to break a light beam to turn on heat lamps in their stalls. They turned the lamps on quite a bit.

 I am pretty sure the horses were mares -- I'm guessing, based on the way men and women react differently to cold, that geldings might not turn on those heat lamps as often.

 In honor of this study, I bought Harv this Centaur "Honey Badger" plaid turnout blanket. The plaid looks nice in pix, but it is stunning in person. Grab one while you can!


  1. Thank you! There's a stupid "viral" post about blanketing horses going around social media. But honestly, if my horse is cranky, and stiff -- I'm going to bundle him up!!

  2. If my horse willingly puts his head through the neck hole as I hold the blanket up for him, I figure he wants some help keeping warm. :D


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