Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Woven browbands: Huge holiday thumbs up!

This browband was just $65!
 I think that there is a "best kept secret" on Etsy.com. If you go to one web site today, go to:


and look at the gorgeous and unique beaded browbands. I got one for Riley and I'm enthralled! He wore it in our first clinic of the year, with Hank Hutson. I've ordered another one in jeweltones that I know I will love just as much.

What a great gift idea!
The pricing is reasonable, and these are well made -- backed with nylon (hidden) and made with poly thread, they will clean up easily and hold up well. Pat, the designer, notes that she has clients who have used theirs for years, and now that I own one I can see how they last so long -- good materials, tight construction!

 Please take a look at some of the shots of my browband and see the sizing hints at the bottom.

Some sizing hints may be appropriate, based on my experience with Ri:

  • Measure your browband by making it lie flat and measure the inside. 
  • Riley, my big warmblood, has a 16 1/2" leather browband. In the woven band, he wears a 15 3/4" or a 16."
  • Talk to Pat if you have any questions -- she is super helpful and wants everyone to love their browband. 

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