Monday, January 27, 2014

Harv's new digs

Harv has again relocated.

We loved our stay at the last barn but board rates went up in the new year, and it was hard to justify having a retired horse at a full service training barn with so many amenities (e.g., indoor ring) we didn't use. We moved to a new barn in January. Harv is now even closer to Riley, at a private barn with just four horses and lots of pasture. It's a retired guy's dream -- quiet, bucolic setting, individualized attention, ample turnout, friendly herd-mates. The only thing missing is a harem -- no mares.

It's complicated: Harv's celebrity status
Bob said he hopes Harv is done moving, as a horse of his international stature and standing is so much work to relocate. It's not like you can just "hook up the trailer." There was arranging the security detail, working with local authorities, the air reconnaissance, updating the the GPS coordinates, securing the route and contingency routes, etc. It was exhausting, and in all of the activity Harv lost some important papers from John Kerry. Things are just now settling down...


  1. I would love to find a boarding situation like that for my next horse!

  2. Looks like a nice place for Harv. Too bad about the Kerry papers, but watcha gonna do!


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