Thursday, January 16, 2014

Rah-rah for Rolex: 15 Reasons to go!

It's now just 99 days until Rolex. Are you contemplating a road trip? I have fifteen reasons why you should go!

Here we are, rubbing elbows with Peter Atkins
Reason #15: Schmooze factor
At Rolex, the big names in eventing are out and about. I physically bumped into William Fox Pitt eating something very unhealthy  near the food tents. If he looks tall in photos, he is extra elongated in person. His neck is about the length of my forearm and I have to wonder if that gives him a competitive advantage.

Need examples?
Bob and I went to a meet-and-greet with competitor Peter Atkins and his Selle Frascais Henry Jota Hamptom (Henny) last year.  I took Bob’s picture with  Henny, and it’s now on the refrigerator.

At the warmup ring one day, Karen and David O’Connor sat next to me. Overhearing their perfectly innocuous banter was somehow thrilling and fun. Also at the warmup, Bob chatted with the breeder of one of the top Irish horses in the 2013 competition—they were from the same region of Ireland as Bob’s relatives--practically kin.

If you somehow don’t run across anyone by chance, there are numerous guided cross country walks and autograph signings. 

Probably the highlight of the year (equestrian-wise) for both of us -- meeting Henry Jota Hampton


  1. I'm going thus year. SO excited!

  2. Rolex has been a bucket list item for me and this year I finally got tickets! I'm so insanely excited!


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