Sunday, February 23, 2014

AP Prime, OTTB that rocks the event world

I read an article in

Her $750 T’bred conquers advanced x-country By Susan Salk 

 It's about AP Prime, an OTTB and his owner  Leah Lang-Gluscic. Leah bought this horse for $750 as a five-year-old. OAP Prime is competing at the Advanced level with his rider. Ya just gotta read this story of this smart, athletic, brave horse who hates dressage but eats up cross-country. Kudos to his owner! I'm reproducing the video that appeared in the article and some footage of a quite nice dressage test!


  1. This pair is amazing. So exciting. But her website says that the horse is only 9 this year, so when she got him in 2010, he was a 5yo.

  2. Sorry, also that he is 16.3H. :-) Love your blog!


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