Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bob update: Feeling better!

In  Living in NE PA, Bob and I enjoyed our day off from work on February 13, only to shovel what's amounting to 15 or 16" of snow throughout the day. I like to shovel (it's like mucking in a way), but Bob did a few rounds.

Bob is feeling better through the miracle of modern meds. He is on Interferon Gamma which has helped him bounce back from his relapse. That's the good news. The only concern is that the drug causes liver inflammation, and his bloodwork after three injections showed this -- one of his liver measures was double what it should be. If it gets three times the normal level, he'll have to come off it.  He'll have his bloodwork done in the next few weeks, and we'll know if he can continue on it. He is also taking an anti-itch med called Neurontin, with success -- so he is having welcome relief from the relentless itching of January and December.

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  1. Bob's looking good! Once again, I wish him well and certainly hope the new meds can work out for him.

    As for the snow...oh, my. And I thought we had it bad. Those extra 6 inches or so do make a difference. Then again, it's snowing here once more and we may get another 4" or so. That makes four layers of snow varying in depthL 9", 10"., 3" and now lets just say another 3". None of it really melted except to melt in on itself and then freeze up again. Next week's warmer temperatures will be a blessing--I think.

    Don't let Bob overdo if he's not fit after all these weeks of being ill. He looks like the kind of guy who just doesn't know when to quit. *S*


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