Monday, February 17, 2014

Rah-rah for Rolex: Reason #13

Reason #13: Cross country
Few events bring you so close to the action as the cross country phase of eventing, and with Rolex, spectators have the ability to get close to International-level competitors. You’ll be able to hear the horses breathing and the riders murmuring encouragement as they gallop around the course. You’ll be only a few feet away as they sail over the double corners or the hammock. The first year Bob came to Rolex, he was overwhelmed by the cross-country phase. I had been afraid he might be bored, but he exclaimed “Whoa! My heart is pounding!” as we watched one of the first riders gallop past. Looking at this photo brings back memories that make my heart rate go up.

Tiana Coudray

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