Thursday, February 13, 2014

Revelation's First Prophet, Saddlebred gelding, 2013 Dressage Highlights

I've said it before -- Saddlebreds have so many wonderful qualities that would make them good dressage mounts -- here is one that looks bred to do it!


  1. I rode and retrained a Saddlebred years ago. He was a wonderful horse with fabulous gaits. We didn't do too much dressage back then, but I did show him as a hunter and he ended up as a year end non-Thoroughbred champion. He had a super disposition, a great work ethic, and would have been amazing in the dressage arena.

  2. Lord save me from overflexed, nose behind the verticle dressage riders. GAH. SO. Incorrect.
    Lovely potential gaits, if the rider would not shut the horse down in front - he's so over bend at the 3rd/4th vertebrea he often ends up on the fore-hand.

    A good saddlebred is one bred to push from behind so s/he can elevate their forehand for that characteristic knee movement. I agree - saddlebreds, if they are bred correctly, and then taught to use their back, make fantastic dressage horses. :)

  3. Thank you so much for posting this! I am doing dressage with the Saddlebred I am leasing, and I thought I was the only one ;)

    He is so great to work with! He seriously has the best personality of any horse I've ever met. A total goof-ball who loves working. The only issue I ever have with him is that he tends to overflex his poll and hollow his back...but! This can be improved upon. Once he relaxes and goes over his back, his gait quality is fantastic.

    The best part about him is that his back legs are always engaged. There's always something to ride back there.

    When I am in a position to buy my own horse one day, I will definitely consider a Saddlebred.

  4. Love me some ASBs, too, but Scarlett, I'm with you - couldn't finish watching because that poor guy is sooo BTV! I was hoping that was just the warm-up, but no, went right into the ring and continued with the death-grip on the face. He's a lovely horse with nice gaits and looks very kind and willing. I hope another rider got their hands on him!

  5. Will was in our barn before his current owner bought him. His old owner said he was supposed to be a 5-gaited horse, but he really was too laid back. I guess they wanted the 5-gaited horses to have more fire. He was ridden but not really with any skill and used as a lesson horse for walk-trot kids. I actually met with his current owner about a year and half ago and was shocked at how much he's changed. Really is awesome. Will is a great horse. Glad he's doing well.


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