Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Riley 2/23: Canter I'm not embarrassed to show you

The weather has been so frustrating -- hardly any riding in 2014 so far. Still, I am hopeful that our canter work is improving. I have a tendency to "seize up" in the canter b/c I'm afraid Ri will break. Of course tightening the hips and thighs is exactly what will cause him to break.  In this footage I am willing myself to relax through my seat and leg.

 I'm happy with this footage.  At first he is a little braced and you can see me nagging him with the reins to go rounder--head waggle! That never works.  A leg yield  along the wall didn't help. Then we do parallel leg yields away from the wall. When that outside shoulder tucks in, look how he rounds himself.  I felt the change but it is reinforcing to see the change in his frame -- I learn so much from these videos!


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  2. Yahhhh ! I need to work on cantering,, I have a fear-due to a fall/minor injury during the canter.


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