Monday, March 24, 2014

Caroline Roffman & Her Highness Freestyle in Wellington

Note hot pink accents. In case someone has not seen:


  1. Not a fan of pink, and not a fan of vocal music for freestyles.

  2. I loved some sections of it. "Roar" is great for the canter sections, but it seems like some transitions don't line up with the music. I disliked the piaffe section, which was a shame because I thought the horse was doing a good job. I think this kind of freestyle is maybe a little more risky than some, but I bet it was fun to practice. :)

  3. Dressage is SUPPOSED To be fun.... She is young and the music was fun and most importantly spectator friendly.

  4. I think it definitely has potential as a freestyle, the music transitions just need a lot of polish (it sounds like it was done by someone not too experienced).

    I enjoyed the more modern pop music choice.


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