Saturday, March 22, 2014

"Happy Cows" will make you smile

Probably many of you on Facebook have seen this video. How many times have you been asked "Does your horse has any personality, like dogs have?" Aaargh! Both my horses are expressive, personable, and attention seeking in the tradition of doted-on spoiled, pets :-) They communicate! Not all horses are like this -- some are quieter and more distant -- they may seem dull. I think it is because they don't expect much (good) from humans or have never been rewarded for interacting with them. They learn to ignore us. What I love about this video is that I think it shows us all that all animals have capacity for joy. When I see these cows I am reminded that all animals deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. I just love watching these cows and hearing their story...


  1. This really brightened my day. My grandfather had polled herefords when I was growing up and I spent hours and hours with them....mostly wishing they were horses. I used to brush them and even ride one of them. My brother and I would get her to walk by breaking off apple tree branches and she'd follow one of us around trying to get a snack while the other one took a ride. I loved those cows.

  2. Running, bucking cows! How sweet. Thanks for sharing.

    I have been asked if my horse knows me when he sees me like a dog does. And how do I know that he recognizes me...well, duh!

  3. We had a small cow/calf herd when I was an adolescent, and my brother and I each "owned" a cow. They would eat from our hands, as would others. A friend of mine who worked on a dairy had a Holstein she rode. Cows are just like any other mammal, with personalities, preferences, and the capacity for relationship. Animals respond in the way they are expected to, I believe; if they are considered "dumb beasts," they act dumb. Not too different from people!

  4. I saw this a week or so ago and it makes me so happy watching!! Thanks for sharing :)


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