Sunday, March 2, 2014

I am Bob's liver

And apparently, the myriad of pharmaceuticals Bob is exposing me to is not doing me serious harm. 

That's what blood tests appear to show (we're awaiting confirmation from the doctor). So that's good news! For the time being he can stay on the Interferon A that is helping his skin. His white blood cell count is a little low, but overall his bloodwork look a whole lot better.

Better than mine, ironically.

I've been anemic since I can remember, and my test results show cell count highs and lows all over the map.

Oh -- Bob wants to mention that I was originally going to show an image of his brain, but it was too enormous to fit on the page.

Ha Ha Ha...


  1. Good news indeed. Glad Bob's sense of humor is doing well too....oh, you mean he was serious???? *lol*


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