Monday, March 31, 2014

Proviz Sports: Get ready for a giveaway!

I'm all about riding safety -- ready with the helmet, bucking strap, and all of the standard safety practices. But if you can be safe AND stylish, why wouldn't you? I know people that trail ride wearing getup like the vest shown left. Good for them, safety first.

That said, there is a company that makes stylish and innovative Hi Visability safety gear for equestrians and their horses. Proviz Sports helps riders and horses to stand out on the trail, in the pasture, or on the road, or wherever. They  have an online shop ( and a whole section of  hi viz horse and rider wear. All of the products featured online can be shipped to anywhere in the States (delivery should usually take between 7-10 working days).

So... Get ready for a giveaway, from ProvizSports. In the meantime, what hi viz item do you like?


  1. I really like their multi purpose bands and what they call spats. I don't have them but they are on my wish list. Riding endurance means being out at night and these would be great!

    BTW: I used Maryland Tack Exchange to sell a high end English saddle for me. They did it quickly and were amazing to work with even with some changes that happened. Thanks for the post about it!!

  2. I find that I am riding more frequently at dusk or night. I wear a protective vest and put a reflective vest over it for visibility. Can someone make a protective vest with built in reflective stripes?

  3. oh thanks for the link. Great stuff. I love the high viz jackets. those are perfect for the trail.


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