Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Two Horse Tack Giveaway! English bridle of your choice!

Two Horse Tack (twohorsetack.com) is graciously offering one if its English bridle line as a giveaway this week! I have one of their halters, and it is easy to clean, beautiful, and fun (orange accents of course).

I have direct experience with their products, and Riley is rocking his brown biothane halter right now! See my other blog article about Two Horse Tack.

Two Horse Tack makes its bridles from beta biothane, and there are many options for colors and styles.

To enter, go to this web site form and provide your information. You get a $5 promo code just for entering.

Two horse tack offers a wide range of bridles, harnesses, halters, and accessories. Check out their full line of offerings.


  1. I have a bridle from Two Horse Tack and it is great. Sadly, it doesn't fit my current horse, so it'd be awesome to win a new one!

  2. Thanks for the opportunity; this would be great for our horse-camping trips!

  3. Does the horse-model come with it? that is a stunning bay!

  4. Aw, how pretty are these bridles! I would love one, might have to buy one if I don't win!


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