Thursday, March 13, 2014

Why don't I ride like Ula Salzgeber???

Ula Salzgeber is my idol. Look at that position! She is tall, she has a lot of leg and upper body, but look at her! Effortless.

So  why don't I ride like her? 

Recently someone took candid photos of my workplace. I did not know anyone was taking pix.

This is why I do not ride like US, or anyone else. Apparently my posture has been bad for so long, my spine has just given up.  


  1. Someone once did that to me, then posted it online on a social network. I had to send them a notification begging her to please remove that picture. Then, I realized the picture was actually quite enlightening. Yoga is great for posture, btw. I used to slump like a humpback whale until I started taking yoga classes. Now, I find my riding position is less "schlumpy." ;)

  2. I think US is behind the vertical, so see she has issues, too! ;)

  3. You need to build up your stomach muscles too in order to help you sit up straight. You and your spine can fix themselves, but it will take some work. For now, when you ride, picture Ula and pretend you are she. Visualize what she looks like.

    Stretching your arm up in the air as you are going around the arena helps too. Reach for the sky. Think about lifting yourself through the middle.

    All that being said...I need to practice all that myself. But with no indoor, I have to wait until things thaw out some more. Then I have to clean and groom the arena, then....'nough said.


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