Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bitless bridle giveaway from Two Horse Tack!

Pal's First Lady models the
bitless bridle. Lady is from
New Vocations Racehorse 
Adoption Program.

Two Horse Tack is offering a Beta Biothane bitless bridle giveaway (signup at the bottom of this post). The Two-in-one, two-color combo bridle comes in custom colors and several options.  There is a wonderful story about a sensitive mare, Pal's First Lady, to go along with the  bitless bridle photo (left).

Lady's Story
Pal's First Lady is the model for the bitless bridle. A sensitive horse, Lady's trainers had been struggling with her tendency to become tense with a conventional bridle and begin rearing. With the bitless bridle, she relaxed and really strutted her stuff!

We're thrilled to report that Lady made so much progress in her bitless bridle that she has since been adopted. Congratulations, Lady! 

Here is a video of Lady in her bitless bridle. 

To enter, go to this signup page especially for BTB readers.

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