Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rah Rah for Rolex: #7 is food

What's a vacation without great food?

Though it’s not really part of Rolex, you must go to Ramsey’s Diner (or one of them, there are several locations). Offering great southern food and hospitality in a casual atmosphere,  I’ve never seen so much good food on a plate for prices that seem circa 1970. 

All around Lexington, there are many dining options that are good, cheap, and plentiful. You can go fancier too, and I love Bella Notte on Nicholasville Road. Make eating out part of your Lexington experience.

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  1. I'd highly recommend Shalespeare and Co in downtown Lexington. Fablous atmosphere and the food is delish! It's one of the places I really miss now that I don't live in Kentucky.


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