Monday, April 28, 2014

Rolex find: Pony Up bags

My sister first clued me into the Pony Up ( handbag line.  Few things that sound too good to be true actually are -- but the bags are gorgeous, classy, horsey, and according to their June 28, 2012 blog post, 100% of the profits goes to horse charities.

I can't find the purse I bought on their web site but it is really close to this one, pictured right. What's so special about it?

You can order online. I don't know how this company does what it does, but I'm grateful. 

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  1. DROOOOOOOLLLLLL!!!! I will be letting my friend know about these. I'm sure she would love them. She goes to Rolex often though I think she missed it this year.


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