Thursday, May 15, 2014

Badminton 2014: A punishing day

If you want to get a sense of what a punishing day the X-country phase of Badminton was, this video will do it. Go to 1:21:45 to see William Fox-Pitt in a rare bad moment -- actually falling off -- and go to 1:20:00 to see Nicola Wilson's cool paint horse -- some awesome careful jumping there!


  1. I was really excited you found a video - I followed all the online coverage but did not get to see anything except Mary King's epic save at the Owl Hole. However, the video has been pulled : (

  2. Thanks for posting this - I knew it was coming but you saved me having to look 'round, and I just finished watching every minute! Boy, oh boy... I thought Rolex was exciting, but this Badminton was just unbelievable! To see all those "big names" come to grief at one competition is amazing. Harry Meade is the story of the year, though; I can't imagine how bad that injury was, and to come back only six months later and place 3rd? Couldn't make that up.

    I'm wondering if Peter will publish the footage he captured of him and Henny. I kind of doubt it since it won't be very long, but I don't know if anyone else had a helmet cam so I sure would be interested in seeing it. Hope Henny is feeling okay.

  3. Can't see the video due to a "copyright claim," but if William Fox-Pitt fell off, you know it was a bruiser of a day.


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