Saturday, May 31, 2014

Harvey update

Hi All,

When I got to the barn last night, Harv was outside grazing. As he walked around I noticed that he is "dropped" and peeing continually -- sometimes a small stream, sometimes just drips. He is happy, calm, no fever, and there are no signs of discomfort, but...

I called two vets. One felt that to properly diagnose this we needed to get him to a facility, and he's probably right, but I can't see loading my old, slightly wobbly horse on to a trailer for a one hour trip and some invasive procedures.  And trying to find someone to trailer is a nightmare.

The second vet speculated about a neurological cause, which seemed to resonate. Have is not that steady on his feet. I brought him in and watched him in his stall. He seemed a bit sluggish in his movements but his eyes were bright. I hosed his legs off and he stood quietly, which is not like him. The normal Harv likes to dance around and act offended at the cold water.

I slathered him with SWAT and we turned the horses back out at dusk. A friend and I chatted near the pasture. I noticed other horses swishing their tails -- but not Harv. I went and took hold of his tail bone. No resistance. It flopped around as I moved it any way I wanted. I compared this reaction to the other horses who immediately clamped their tails when I tried to lift them.

I fed him extra senior feed and some molasses balls, which he gobbled up. As I got in my car he was standing at the gate looking for me to come back (more food?). I gave him a third helping of senior, a big hug, and jumped in the car. I couldn't leave while he was waiting for me at the gate.

I'll heading out this am to check on him. Think good thoughts about my boy...


  1. Many positive thoughts your way. Keep us updated, please.

  2. Thinking good thoughts for Harv, always!

  3. I'm so sorry. I hope the vet can figure out what it is. He could have an infection that is impeding the nerves in that region too. Weirdly I just read an article about weird things vets have seen. One was maggots developing in the sheath of this horse. He was acting more colicky though. Don't rule out anything! Good luck.

  4. Long time lurker jingling for the Harvster. :( Hope everything turns out okay.

  5. I hope Harv is okay; it sounds like he's still a comfortable and happy camper. You're both in my thoughts.

  6. Jingling the curb chain for your lovely boy. I have followed the two of you for years. May God provide us many additional years of Harv antics and not call him away too soon. {{{Hugs}}}

  7. Poor Harv! Hope you can figure out the problem and get him treated and cured quickly!
    If it's neurological, possibly EPM?

  8. Best wishes for handsome Harv.

  9. Thinking positive thoughts for you guys. Definitely get the vet out, though.


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