Friday, May 30, 2014

Harv's manhood: Ideas for fly protection?

Priapic preoccupation
Harv in his golden years is experiencing some sensitivities that he didn't have in his youth. He is sensitive to flies and gnats, particularly in "the nether regions." During the summer his sheath swells alarmingly, likely a reaction to gnats and pests that like to dwell there.

While I'm happy that he is getting more turnout than ever (great for his joints and mobility), he is also more exposed more to flies and pests, and I anticipate a summer of swelling.

The vet warned me that if the sheath swells too much, the shaft won't be able to retract, and then real problems start. For one thing, a very tender organ is unprotected from pests. Also it can't be good to have a swinging organ as you move through your day. Poor Harv.

How do you protect  a horse's manhood? Has anyone developed netting to protect the sheath?

 I've tried several things to prevent or deal with it...

  • SWAT (great but not 100% effective in extreme heat, as it melts off).
  • Desitin and vaseline mix to form a mechanical barrier.
  • Once the swelling starts, Surpass (Diclofenac sodium) can be applied to the sheath.
Any ideas?


  1. I've had good luck with witch hazel. I put on at night and it eases the itch and swelling. Also the flies don't seem to like it.

  2. Reviews aren't so great but if you get desperate might be worth a try...^57554800829-sku^185246-adType^PLA-device^c-adid^39182596668

  3. Eleanor Kellon, a vet who teaches nutrition classes, has a protocol for insect sensitivity that uses chondroitin, ground flax, and spirulina, best started early in the spring and fed through the summer months, but worth starting now imo. I have one very sensitive horse who reacts more to insect bites but I give the trio of all mine as a preventive measure during our buggy summers. Also

  4. Comment got jammed and I couldn't finish it! Also I use a barrier cream if the gnats/midges get very bad - depending on the horse a thin layer of petroleum jelly along the midline right up to the sheath helps a lot. We use fly predators here and they really do help with flies. This is the first year I have considered getting fly sheets - mainly for Keil (25) but for now I am sticking with his fly mask with ears and his Summer Whinny leggings which he loves wearing. It might be that for Harv the entire system is getting overstimulated so maybe if you come at it from all angles he can get relief... I believe Dr. Kellon also recommends a monthly dose by weight of Ivermectin for senior horses and insect-sensitive horses. Hope Harv gets better soon!!

  5. My gelding is also very, very sensitive to gnats & flies in his nether regions, & out of desperation one night at his stomping & kicking at them in the cross ties, I sprayed him all over with some Off!. The effect was instantaneous, he went from nonstop fidgeting to standing perfectly still & eventually falling asleep in the cross ties. :/

  6. How about a sweet itch fly sheet. They cover most of the belly so might offer a little protection to the area - and the zebra striped ones are supposed to keep flies away generally, e.g.

  7. I use human "Surpass" every day for my arthritis and it's great stuff, so I'm glad you have it for poor Harv's man-parts. As far as a barrier for that area, what about fly-spray wipes, if you don't want to be misting the area? Maybe you could make your own netting out of fine,soft tulle. It would have to be suspended from his rump and wrap around, obviously. It might look awfully weird - and he might not like it much, either - but he could still urinate through it... don't know.

  8. How about something like this?

  9. Have you tried those fly spray wipes and wipe his manhood down with the flyspray wipe? Equispot fly control seems to be keeping my critters fly free - it's like flea medication but for horses... and flies... not the fleas... feed through fly control? Apple Cider Vinegar in his water.. hmm... lots of different things to at least try!


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