Saturday, May 17, 2014

Rah-Rah for Rolex: #2 and #1!

Country Outfitters is having a sale!

First ever, Rolex BUMMER. A few days ago I posted a giveaway for Rolex JoJo Sox. I had already ordered the socks from the Rolex site, they were showing in stock, and my credit card was charged. I waited -- for two weeks. When I called I learned that they were out of stock. I had to request a refund, which took two days.

So... I've ordered two pair of horse-themed JoJo socks from the Country Outfitters web site -- they're having a big sale!!! When they arrive, we'll have our giveaway, but they won't be the Rolex socks, unfortunately.

You can still sign up for the sock giveaway at

Thanks! Now back to our regularly scheduled Rolex announcement...

Now back to Rah-Rah for Rolex
Obviously this list is not in order :-).

2. Open space. Bob and I loathe crowds, and neither of us will wait in long lines. The thing about Rolex is, even with thousands of people attending, it’s a big place, and the event planners have right-sized it so that lines are minimal (except in the Dubarry booth!). Parking is not a hassle. If you do feel claustrophobic, head for the the cross country course and enjoy the green, rolling landscape. On Saturday -- cross country day -- the course accommodates the droves of people nicely. On the practical side, let’s talk restrooms -- real ones are plentiful, and portolets are everywhere.

1. The flight to Lexington. The Rolex experience starts on the flight, if you fly. On Thursday of Rolex, most of the people on the plane flying into Lexington are going to Rolex -- fellow horse people. My first year, I was seated near friends of then 18-year-old first time Rolex competitor Tiana Coudray. The young womens’ enthusiasm was infectious, and ultimately Bob and I were invited on a coursewalk with Tiana. We went. It was a small group, and Tiana was charming. Last year I sat next to a handsome cowboy, complete with hat, boots, and big silver belt (how’d that get past security?). He told me he was officiating at the reining event.

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