Thursday, June 26, 2014

First horse show on The Painted One!

I took The Painted One (aka TPO) to his first schooling show last Tuesday. He was a good boy!

The warmup was a little erratic, as he was anxious about the other horses in the ring.

In the first test, Intro A, he was super. Coming down center line at the end of the test, he saw a horse in a pasture adjoining the Horse Park. They started calling to one another. And it never stopped.

In our second test, he pretty much called to the other horse throughout the test.  I have it on video if you're interested :-). He was truly beside himself -- his neck was rigid, and there was not much I could do except guide him around as best I could. I didn't want to muscle him into a frame.

We did win the first class with a 72% -- I don't know his placing for the second test but he got a 65%.

I was very pleased that he behaved and stayed obedient in the sense that there were no "antics." The solution to his calling is to get him out, again and again. We're working on that :-).

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  1. Good for you for recognizing typical greenie issues and not going overboard with trying to force the issue. :)

    My first Intro B test on my Friesian gelding was comical. We couldn't even WALK around the dressage arena before getting called in because, behind some Leyland cypresses, there were loudly braying donkeys. That's right. Judges were lenient in allowing a lady on a steady gelding to give me a good lead around. My horse was super green at the time and I did not expect the donkey issue.

    All turned out well, actually, as we pulled a 68%, despite the fact my gelding also had reservations about the Easter decorations on the dressage letters. One of the notes I had was "gelding has tremendous potential ... would suggest donkey desensitization."

    I choked on my coffee. :D


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