Friday, June 6, 2014

Harvey the grazin' machine

As far as Harv is concerned, he's fine. He is eating, happy, and runs around in the pasture before he settles down to graze. To my delight, he is also fatter than ever.

  The mystery...
He is not pooping -- at least not in nearly the amount he used to. This could be because he is not mostly on senior feed and very little hay as he can't eat it well. He was in his stall from 6am to 5:30pm Tuesday and there was not one poop in his stall. Wednesday one big healthy poop. He is not peeing much either.

I talked to the vet and she can't explain the poop. She felt based on her neuro exam that he should have no pooping issues. There is just not much urine to clean in his stall, also worrying.

We can only watch and wait for signs of discomfort.

 The normal practice at the barn is to turn out most of the time in a "sacrifice" paddock with hay, but to limit grazing to keep the pastures healthy. We've relaxed this practice with Harv who gets to be out on grass all the time. He needs to enjoy his summer and his good health.

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  1. Wishing Harv a happy, healthy summer and many more to come.


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