Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Harvey, artistic collaborator (Urinetown IV)

Yesterday I shared some artwork of Harv's on BTB.  The reaction of the artistic community was immediate and gratifying.

Now, to Harv's many accomplishments -- Man About Town, Spiritual Advisor, Elder Statesman, Business Magnate, Public Intellectual, Cultural Luminary -- he now adds the title "artistic collaborator." How gratifying it is for him to be so immediately embraced by his fellow creatives.

Here we see Running Dog, Magenta... Thanks to Anne at Auburn University for allowing me to share her inspiring collaboration with Harv.  Art collectors may contact me for her contact information, but you'd better have deep pockets -- I see bidding wars in the future :-).

It makes a great screen-saver. Just sayin.


  1. I absolutely love your sense of humour!!!

  2. my 14yo g-shep has the same problem as your Harvey; he creates 'pee' art from one end of our 20ft patio to the other - poor old dudes


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