Saturday, July 19, 2014

Heartbreaker tank: Hearts are breaking on this on

I broke down and bought my third Noble Outfitters summer item -- the Heartbreaker tank. Mine is the lime and black variety.

 Why are hearts breaking? Because I'm hearing from folks that they can't be found in stores, or the sizes are limited. These tanks, and the Lil'Lover tank with the keyhole and draped back, sell out as soon as they come in. You can still find some online and in stores, but the Noble Outfitters line is very popular, it seems. I love the style which is very flattering (all shirts are fitted but not tight), and the fabric weight -- light, easy-drape, easy-to-wear, easy to wash. Thumbs up, and jump on these next year!


  1. Several lime green ones and black ones available on Ebay. Do a search for Noble Heartbreaker Tank.

  2. For those of us with "topsail triceps," tank tops are not flattering. In the heat I prefer to wear sleeved tops made from the "icy" or "cool"-feel fabric. They provide UV protection (even tanned "topsails" aren't an improvement) and, truly, comfort in the heat. :o)

  3. What the heck are topsail triceps? My upper arms are nothing to write home about :-)...


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