Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Right-sizing a horse

TPO is 14.3 but I am amazed at how well he takes up my leg. I don't feel gigantic on him and I think we look decently paired, given that I'm 5'10."


  1. When I was looking for my guy I was looking for 16h to 16.3 (I'm 5'7 with a 31in inseam.... Short legs. I bought a 15.2 guy and my legs don't even hang past his tummy.... Not did my 5'11 instructor with long legs. Small is great and so easy to manouver.

  2. You DO look good on him; I think it works because you are so slender. A heavier 5'10" person would make him look much smaller....

  3. You make a nice pair. He has a big heart girth and carries himself up, so that makes a difference. Congratulations for doing so well with him.


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