Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Shopping -- how'd this happen???

Somehow, shopping in a local outlet horse store in NJ, I found this Romfh vest/jacket, valued at $170, the the outlet area, marked at $44.95 and HALF OFF THAT!!!??? The fit is awesome and I rode in it in the last show (see video from the last couple of days). I'm still pinching myself. The best thing is that it has the normal longer hem and cool back vents. The crystals are black and very subtle. Now if only my a$$ looked like that...


  1. That is an amazing vest. I'd wondered if it was neat and new when I saw your video with TPO. What a deal!

  2. I have the same one but in the full jacket. Unfortunately had to pay full price but the fit, comfort and bling are so awesome I could not leave it at the store. Even at $220, it was totally worth it! Now I just need to get to a show...


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