Saturday, July 12, 2014

Urinetown: Harv continues to bulid my character

You often hear people talk about how much horses have taught them. Harvey has made my personal growth his mission over the years -- he continues to help me in my quest for self-actualization.

Fear of all things scatalogical
You may not know this about me, but I am squeamish  about bodily issues and functions, and there is a reason I did not go into nursing. In high school my science partner dissected the frog for me; I had to be excused from watching a childbirth video in a college sociology class; I don't clean toilets; at mealtimes, conversations must veer away from anything vaguely unappetizing -- no descriptions of physical ailments -- NOOOO!

Harvey: "Get over it, lady!"
Harv's latest ailment -- incontinence -- is helping me get past this. Last night, for example, I was trying to clean Harvey's legs are getting scalded and around his pasterns, where everything drips down, he has scratches. Treating his legs are quite a process, and here are the steps.

When: Wait till no one is around. No one needs to witness this, no matter how entertaining it might be.
Have on hand: Leg wraps, Neosporin/Desitin mixture, hose, gauze, vetwrap, duct tape
  1. Situate Harv somewhere outside the barn where he can drip freely. Barn aisle is not an option due to the dripping.
  2. Remove urine-soaked bandages or wraps (Ewwww). While unpeeling the wet, stinky velcro straps in 96 degree humid weather, try to evade Harv's swinging member.  Often as not, he is dripping or streaming or splashing urine. You know those kid's sprinkler toys? It's like standing under one of those pictured above, except you're not all that enthusiastic. 
  3. Walk Harv over to the hose, and hose off his nether regions. 
  4. Apply soap and scrub off the Desitin or vaseline that has been previously applied to protect his legs. This is almost impossible. But smear it around at least and get the worst of the dirt off.
  5. Hose off soap.
  6. Hose off urine-soaked wraps.
  7. While avoiding Harv's swinging sprinkler system..
    • Towel down Harv's legs vigorously.
    • Apply more Vaseline and/or Desitin/neosporin.
    • If there are any bad areas of scalding or scratches, cover with gauze and vet-wrap.
    • Apply fresh set of wraps.
  8. Put Harv in his stall or turn him out. He is done.
  9. Hose off yourself to remove splashed-up urine. 
    • Almost certainly a healthy sprinkling on your arms, legs. Hose  off.
    • Any urine on hair or clothing? Change clothes,  shampoo hair using garden hose.


  1. The things we do for our horses!

  2. I'm the exact way when it comes to being squeamish, so I can completely relate. It definitely doesn't sound like a pleasant job, but I'm glad you can do it. I hope things get easier with him soon .

  3. He is lucky to have such a caring person at this time in his life.

  4. That sounds awful! You deserve an award for best pee-cleaning horse mom or something!


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