Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Brown is the new black: Dressage saddle for sale!

How I came to own this saddle is a long-ish story, but while I like it, and love the adjustable tree, it is too small for me (I was hoping I could squeeze into it). It is an older model Lovatt & Ricketts 17" adjustable tree (easy turnkey system). If you aren't familiar with L&R their saddles are designed for low-withered horses -- Arabs, Morgans, Quarter Horses, and their name used to be the Arabian Saddle Company (I think?). I have ridden in it several times -- a nice, comfortable, close-contact saddle to sit in and while some adjustable trees just don't "sit well" on a horse, this one fits Riley, a medium and another horse who is a wide, once adjusted. I actually can't believe it fits Riley :-). I'm asking $1K.


  1. This may be forward, but if you are looking for larger one I happen to have one. I have an 18" Rembrandt Vanguard with the Wellup tree in the same lovely chocolate brown color. Please let me know if you would be interested in it.

  2. Hi Koalio, If I can sell this one I would be interested. It sounds lovely and I may have seen it on Ebay? Are you listed there? Email me at behindthebit at gmail dot com


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