Friday, August 8, 2014

Centered riding meets Austin Powers

Fembots would make good dressage riders I think.
I went to a centered riding/biomechanics clinic a few weeks ago, and the instructor covered the concept of "six eyes" -- your real eyes, the eyes in your chest, and the eyes in your hip-bones. Turn all six eyes in the direction you are going to help the horse understand your directive (turn!) and  stay in balance through the turn.

This clinic and the "six eyes" concept reminded me of when  I saw the Austin Powers movie with the Fembots (pictured right). When I watched the fembots scene, I have to admit I had a fleeting thought of  Sally Swift and her "eyes in your chest" metaphor. Even laughing through this scene, I thought "File for later! File for later!.

The fembots could be a mod update to Sally's eyes in your chest metaphor. It is nice to have a fun image to help you use your upper body in a powerful way.

For those of you have have not seen this footage from  Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, here is the first scene (they appear later in the movie but Austin steals that scene).

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