Sunday, August 31, 2014

Chestnut Mare crushes the stereotype! Bella Rose

What a wonderful mare -- only ten-years-old! Definitely this one will have a second career as a broodmare. I'm sorry that they were not able to complete WEG this year...


  1. well, If that wasnt just heart stopping joy!

  2. To be fair, upper level dressage has had more than it's fair share of wonderful chestnut mares. The three that spring to mind are Brentina (obviously), Hubertus Schmidt's mare, Wansuela Suerte and Hiroshi Hoketsu's mare Whisper.

  3. You're right anon1. I think Isabell had a lovely chestnut mare that she rode in the 90s? Also gorgeous and lovely. However it's the first really modern type that I have seen Isabell ride -- she was riding the massive types in "the old days" like welcome s. She does such a lovely job here.


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