Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Foxhunter humor!

It's been awhile (high school in fact) but foxhunting is part of my past. It made me braver, but I missed out on the whole silver flask thing, being too young to partake. I wouldn't mind a flask on my saddle now!


  1. Very sturdy looking pair. It's a different culture I think. I for one can't imagine having even a small glass of wine before 5 pm.

  2. I remember one of my first times foxhunting - I was too young to drink at the time too - and I took a huge swig from the flask that was being passed around, innocently assuming it was water. Wowza!

  3. I love fox hunters. I've hunted once and it was a blast. I always say "anyone who will dress up in tails and a top hat just to go galloping through mud and brambles is pretty cool."


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