Friday, August 29, 2014

RIP Simon: A big and kind boy

I bought Simon as a 17.1H three-year-old from a farm in Sunbury PA and I have blogged about him a few times -- here is one of my favorite photos of the two of us. He was a lovely, easy horse and I owned him for two years -- don't think he ever spooked, and I never felt afraid on his back. I took him to his first show and he rode his test as if he was home.

Simon was not a dressage horse. I sold him to a woman around 2003 who has owned him since. He grew to 17.3! He was ridden by the owner and used as a lesson horse. I learned Thursday night that he passed away from colic. Here are some photos from the farm web site.

Safe travels Simon...

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  1. Lesson horses and "big, kind boys" have a special place across the Bridge. I'm glad Simon was loved by many throughout his life and a caring someone sent him on his way.


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