Thursday, September 4, 2014

Excellent riding mule, excellent lifestyle

Not only do I want this mule -- I want this lifestyle!


  1. Seriously excellent mule! A mule is definitely on my equine bucket list of creatures to own or ride at some point

  2. LOVE that trailer! I had one like that (well, that model, a bit newer looking) when I had my first horse in the early 1970s. ;o)

  3. Loved the mule's markings and everything about this video. Even the music!

  4. I have heard mules are like mares; once you get one on your side, there is no better match. I have ridden so many geldings and mares and only a few mules (no stallions as of yet, though I hear that's a sublime experience). The mules are very level-headed and super smart, so the idea they need to be on your side is valid. If you let them think everything is their idea, you cannot lose. But, if you push them into your will or overuse your aids, expect that level-headedness to morph into resentment--and prepare yourself for an unplanned dismount! They're pretty savvy at powerful launches.

    And, yeah, I want that lifestyle too. SIGH.


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